Temari is one of the main supporting characters in theNaruto anime and manga seriesandtheBoruto: Naruto Next Generations anime and manga series. Personal Data Shikadai is the only child and son of Nara Temari, and Nara Shikamaru. Sarada also cherishes bonds with others after growing up with a single parent and the sole heiress to the most infamous ... Shikadai Nara. His skill with the technique even allows him to greatly expand its range to capture many different targets simultaneously before they can react. As punishment from class, it was decided that Shikadai would take after-school classes to make up for the lost time. This suddenly gave Boruto inspiration. In the Boruto movie light novel version, he is referred to as a gamer and seems to have a strong moral code. He is quite tall for his age and has light fair skin including two thick eyebrows. In the anime, he and his teammates train with his mom. See more ideas about shikamaru, naruto, anime. Shikadai is able to capture Boruto and his shadow clones by creating a massive shadow circle, taking them all out at once. Amado stated firmly that he wished to defect to Konoha, offering his full intel on Kara and its resources, their Ten-Tails, and even on the Ōtsutsuki. Upon which, a burst of cold air appeared, masking Ryogi's departure. Though lazy by nature, Shikamaru has a rare intellect that … Shikamaru Nara is scary when he's mad, and a threat against his son turned the strategist into a near rage monster. Even more, swarms of protestors began emerging in the village against various legitimate companies, fueled by the Byakuga Gang's claims of the said companies being corrupt, one of which included the Kaminarimon Company. Though, Y/N really wanted to meet the Nara’s and get to know her boyfriend’s parents, and her future in-laws if her and Shikadai were pressure this relationship any further past their teen years. looks: black hair The character has black hair., ponytail A ponytail is a hairstyle in which most … Temari is the eldest child and only daughter of the Fourth Kazekage, and the older sister of Kankuro and Gaara. Eventually, the perpetrator is revealed to be a possessed Magire, who kidnaps Sumire. Using a diversion, he helped his fellow genin escape. For their first mission, they're assigned to chauffeuring around the client, carrying her various purchases. He and the others began teaching him Extreme: Shinobi Picture Scrolls. [10] As a member of his generation's Ino–Shika–Chō, Shikadai is learning collaboration techniques with Inojin and Chōchō. At that, the older Nara stopped. Alive Durin… As Boruto settled down, Shikidai deduced from everything that Ryogi was also being manipulated by Gekkō through genjutsu. Read Shikadai's birth... from the story The Wise Family (Nara Family Fanfics) by ReinesYatogami647 (Reines Yatogami) with 5,248 reads. He is also the only one to become a chunin after the exams, just his father before him. While no one got the bell, Kakashi chose to pass everyone as they succeeded in the test's true goal; team-work and loyalty. Taking to heart his father's words, Shikadai realized he was much too harsh on Lee. However, this turned out to be division by the alien, who placed a genjutsu on them to let him sneak into the village. Series. Denki however remained determined to improve the technology. The responsibilities that these successes leave him with cause him frequent annoyance, but he gladly accepts them so that he may be of service to his fellow members of Team 10, … The mission became even more difficult when they were attacked by bandits and stole Tonsuke while Shikadai was injured. After recovering, Shikadai reported his findings to both villages. It's reveal that Shikadai's role-playing character, when he plays with Boruto and Inojin, is a silver armor-clad, two-handed sword wielding warrior. Some time later, it was decided by his father and the Seventh Hokage to promote Shikadai to chūnin on the grounds of both his leadership skills and genuine devotion to his allies. Once they entered into the Ninja Academy, Shikamaru had very little interest in the class itself, by preferring to spend his entire time sleeping rather than listen to long class lectures or study. While preparing for it, the Nara Clan's chief adviser, Enchū Nara was deeply annoyed that Shikamaru, as head of the Nara Clan, would not be joining. When Iwabee noted that they were essentially forming the Ino-Shika-Cho trio like their respective parents, the team admitted that their techniques were naturally compatible. Afterwards, Ashina was arrested. Shortly afterwards, they were attacked by Urashiki, who stole some of their chakra and knocked them out. As they began wondering about aimlessly, they found a large palace, assuming that it must be the Ryūchi Cave. Both Temari and Shikamaru seem to be doting parents who are very involved with Shikadai’s upbringing, encouraging him before his Chunin exam match and later being the only set of parents to loudly cheer their child on. Inojin Yamanaka (山中いのじん, Yamanaka Inojin) is a genin and a member of Konohagakure's Yamanaka clan. During the exams, taking up Shino's subtle offer to try stealing the test answers for the written test, Shikadai and his friends were able to easily pass the test. Konohamaru and Moegi tell the students they'll occasionally drop by for the purposes of seeing who fight be under their command, and encourage them to see which formations work better. Ultimately, it was agreed to go venture on to Iwagakure and retrieve Mitsuki. Intrigued by Boruto's determination, Garaga accepted the terms. Shikadai is the only child of Temari and Shikamaru Nara. The Sixth Hokage quickly explained that he would only pass the first student who is able to take the single bell attached to his hip. Despite this, Boruto and Sarada decided to sneak out to find Mitsuki. The responsibilities that these … He then discuss the recent lack of ghost incidents, and whether they should continue investigating, now that they know the adults are also looking into it. In a last blind effort to keep her fame by burying the truth, she attempted to blow up the area. Applauding Boruto's fortitude, she explained that to see the sage, one must past a series of tests, if they fail, the snake servants may eat the guests. A strategy was designed by Shikadai to detain Deepa long enough for Shinki to strike. See more ideas about Shikadai, Gaara, Shikamaru. is a fictional character in the Naruto manga and anime series created by Masashi Kishimoto. Fearing for his new friend's safety as he continued to overtax himself, Shikadai employed Boruto's aid to get close enough and break the genjutsu. Later, when the first elimination round concludes, the second round starts with Boruto and Shikadai's battle. However Shikadai learns that Boruto doesn't have the Byakugan. "[22], (To Boruto after capturing him) "It would be great if you gave up soon. Taking to heart his father's words, Shikadai realized he was much too harsh on Lee. [7], Like both his parents, Shikadai is a natural strategist and tactician, constantly taking a methodical and analytical approach to battle to stay steps ahead of the opponent. During his fight against Boruto in the Chunin Exam finals, Shikadai said he had at least 12 countermeasures in place if Boruto had used the Rasengan. After finishing their missions for the day, Shikadai hanged out with Uzumaki Boruto and Yamanaka Inojin to play video games together. During a class introducing students to the summoning technique, Boruto got into another argument with Sarada, as it sparked a confrontation between all the girls and boys. As Shikadai and his friends continued their post work and tried to find the spectre, they soon learned that the creature was intentionally attacking in areas far away from Boruto as he is the only one who could see it, from which Shikadai deduced that they were being spied on. [19], Several weeks later, Shino decided to change up the three-man teams for their next challenge to determine the optimum pairings for graduation. The mission progressed roughly as Wasabi and Iwabee kept bickering with each other. After the creature was subdued by the timely arrival of Konohamaru, the contest ended with the girls getting the flag. fanfiction; nara; narutofanfic +10 more # 16. Synopsis. In the second test, Ino–Shika–Cho uses their teamwork to easily capture a flag to advance. As Kawaki began to warm up to Boruto and his family, Shikadai eventually met the boy. Ultimately, Shikidai was placed on the same team as Chocho and Inojin, once again forming a new generation for the Ino-Shika-Cho. Shikadai knows his parents are weird, but he swears every year they get even more extra. In the anime, he is able to effectively perform Cooperation Ninjutsu and Fuinjutsu, able to use both to restrict a person's movements and expand the might of this alongside fellow users. By using the Shadow Imitation Technique to connect his own shadow with his target's, he can force them to mimic his own movements or restrict their movements entirely. Afterwards, Moegi joins her team and tells them they have a new mission, much to his annoyance. Despite their victory, the girls made peace with the boys.[11]. Upon arriving, they were met with Karatachi Kagura, who was appointed to act as the class' tour guide. As Shikadai's parents remained close to their own childhood friends, Shikadai ultimately grew to know the respective parent's own children very well, by growing especially close to Uzumaki Boruto. Nara Shikamaru/Temari; Nara Shikadai & Temari; Nara Shikadai & Nara Shikamaru & Temari; Temari; Nara Shikamaru; Nara Shikadai; happy birthday Temari; Summary. Affiliation Then he greeted his uncle Gaara casually, earning a reprimand from his mother, but shrugged it off and asked for his other uncle instead. [7] He also has a fierce rivalry with Boruto. Gender Shikadai managed to pin Mitsuki down, but escaped with a launched needle. Grandfather: Shikaku Nara(paternal) Grandmother: Yoshino Nara(paternal) Grandfather: Rasa(maternal) Grandmother: Karuro(maternal) Father: Shikamaru Nara. The genin attempted to hold their ground but were quickly overpowered by the massive foe. [15] However, after Boruto tested the theory with his grandfather, Boruto regretfully learned that to not be the case. Inojin hesitates, having had limited success with it in the past, so Shikadai uses his own jutsu when moon reappears, pinning the criminal and allowing Chōchō to knock him out. Presumably learned from his mother, Shikadai is proficient in Wind Release. Despite their perfect team formations, the enemy was able to repel all of them. Accepting his poor methods of trying to make Sumire like him, the spectre was rejected from Magire. "Soon he'll be walking … Temari is … To their surprise, the instead found Mitsuki talking secretly with Hozuki Suigetsu. The chaos caused Shikadai along with other students to absentmindedly belittle Shino's credibility as a ninja and teacher, making him take the day off. 1 Background 2 Personality 3 Appearance 4 Abilities 4.1 Ninjutsu 5 New Era (Plot) 5.1 Academy Arc 5.2 Sarada Uchiha Arc 5.3 Versus … Chōchō decided to team up with Inojin and Shikadai. Shikadai Nara /... 73 episodes, 2017-2019 Shôtarô Morikubo ... Shikamaru Nara 69 episodes, 2017-2020 Shin'ya Hamazoe ... Iwabee Yuino /... 66 episodes, 2017-2020 Learn more Edit Deciding to get help from their classmates to better patrol the village, they left the post office, anticipating that the culprit controlling the spectre would go after the post chief Komame. Once Shikadai and the others were reunited with Boruto they met with the White Snake Sage, surprised to see that she was a small and frail-looking reptilian woman. As customary of his clan, both of his ears are pierced by grey stud earrings. edit entry add/edit names add/edit resources add/edit tags. While sorting stamps, they heard on the news that another attack happened at the water purification plant, where Sumire was. Once their teacher appeared, he was revealed to be possessed by the dark presence. Shikadai is the only child of Shikamaru and Temari Nara. On the way to the mission, Shikadai's team decided to stop for a bit to eat, where they bumped into Deepa, who casually ignored them. Shikadai joined his friends in stopping him from destroying the Academy. He also gave up against Boruto, who he did not know was cheating at the time, in their Chūnin Exam fight because he felt that as a gamer, one should understand when to give up to fight another day when the odds are overwhelmingly against you. The challenge quickly got heated, with many of the boys being taken out of the contest until only Boruto, Shikidai, and Inojin were left on their team. "Our Fathers' Example" (父の背中, Chichi no Senaka) is episode 178 of the Boruto: Naruto Next Generations anime. Later, after the village was infiltrated and attacked by Jigen, using Kawaki's Kāma as a portal to get in, the village was put on high alert. He used his tech to easily repel Shikadai's technique and subsequently knocked him out with a drug. (Event: 7/15) And, it was with Shikadai in episode 123 that Yin and Yang chakra nature affinities may have been confirmed. Unlike his Father Shikari … They noticed Boruto and Mitsuki rushing from a distance, and wondered what was happening. Shikadai and his team were assigned to watch Tomaru, which Shikadai was upset about, hoping to have been assigned to the beautiful Ashina. However, Mitsuki's poor lying quickly got them in trouble, leading Shikadai to be severely punished by Temari. Like both of his parents, Shikadai is a natural strategist and tactician, constantly taking a methodical and analytical approach to battle to stay steps ahead of the opponent. Later, after Boruto and his team's victory over Deepa, Shikadai and his friends found Denki setting up an experiment to improve radio communications. Anime/Manga Fanfiction Humor Short Stories Naruto Reader Insert Drabble One … Summary: Shikamaru has discovered with mild amusement many years ago that his son is a sight even more captivating than the clouds. Shikamaru Nara (奈良シカマル, Nara Shikamaru) is a shinobi of Konohagakure's Nara clan. While many parents could tell tales of their descent into love leading to their marriage and production of children, the only tales that Shikaniku’s parents can provide are the social contracts established because of their marriage. Eventually, the perpetrator is revealed to be a possessed Magire, who kidnaps Sumire. With the clouds blocking the moon, Shikadai can't cast a shadow for his jutsu and tells Inojin to use his Mind Body Switch Technique. Thanks to regular practice from Mirai, Shikadai has gained greater understanding and resistance to genjutsu, while also learning how how to break them. Shikadai is a highly known member of his clan for his abilities. Afterwards, Moegi joins her team and tells them they have a new mission, much to his annoyance. Nara Shikadai appears in the following video game: He loves his mother, but is afraid of her. This year is no exception. According to the movie's light novel adaption. As Shikadai and his friends continued their post work and tried to find the spectre, they soon learned that the creature was intentionally attacking in areas far away from Boruto as he is the only one who could see it, from which Shikadai deduced that they were being spied on. As the two refused to come back peacefully, they created a distraction and then attempted a decoy with Boruto's shadow clones. Once freed from his restraints, he made his move and escaped. While saving the post chief, the spectre and the culprit ultimately got away. For instance, he was personally offended when it was revealed that Boruto was cheating in the video game that the two were playing with Inojin. As a genin, Shikamaru Nara was the sort of unenthusiastic kid who liked to watch clouds. As the group began to approach the Land of Earth's border, Shikadai had Inojin and Chōchō to return to the village to report their findings. The following day, Shikadai, Boruto, and Inojin found Lee, who was acting unusually aggressive. Shino was then called aside concerning Sumire. As a child, he attended Naruto's seventh Hokage ceremony. Shikadai is able to capture Boruto and his shadow clones by creating a massive shadow circle, taking them all out at once. As the walk pass Kiba and Naruto. Later, Kū's scientist concluded that transplanting a human heart would likely stabilise the artificial humans. Shikadai and his friend quickly rushed to her aid. While Naruto insisted they stay out of this matter, Shino appeared, insisting that Naruto not underestimate his students after seeing what they were capable of. Wanting to find answers, Shikadai convinced his team-mates to help Boruto and Sarada. With Shikadai and his allies defeated while the puppet was destroyed, Deepa surprisingly left it at that. Ultimately, the Seventh Hokage captured Gekko, who along with Ryogi was arrested and put in prison. The Byakuya Gang's activities begin to increase in number. As Denki asked what happened, Boruto happily brushed it off, saying everything was fine. Shikadai realized that the ice's reflection was also causing a genjutsu effect. This however was a cover for their true goal of a group String Light Formation to subdue Kakashi. After Boruto's failed attempt at shurikenjutsu caused property damage, Shikadai and his friends were punished with repairing the damages to the Hokage Rock. See more ideas about shikadai, shikamaru and temari, shikamaru. Shikamaru also showed the same lack of enthusiasm for the tests he was given and he couldn't be bothered to actually answer the questions, therefore leading to his poor grades. He is a member of Konohagakure's Nara clan. Rated: Fiction T - English - Adventure/Family - Shikamaru N., Temari, Shikadai N., Mirai S. - Words: … Despite the initially success, the man quickly recovered and continued his rampage. Feb 20, 2015 - Explore Briahna Thomas's board "Shikadai Nara", followed by 675 people on Pinterest. As his struggles continued, Boruto reminded him of why he was chosen as the first of their class to be a chūnin. Shortly after his birth, Shikamaru took notice of Shikadai's cry and … Upon arriving outside the village, it was decided that Inojin stay outside with the Akuta as to not draw any attention. Later, one of the repairmen went on a rampage, being possessed by the same presence from before. When Kinshiki and Momoshiki began their attack on the arena, Shikadai was protected by Rock Lee and then saved by his uncle Gaara from the falling debris of the stadium, before being evacuated. The following day, various creepy messages are left for Sumire. From this, Shikadai joined his friends in a fairwell party for the former class rep. During which, they met Sumire's replacement for Team 15, Kurogane Tsubaki a samurai student from the Land of Iron. When assassins are sent to dispose of the Kazekage's heir, Shikadai Nara, his parents devise a plan to keep him safe. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. This succeeded in splitting up Team Moegi between the jōnin and her students. A ransom was left that demanded 20 million ryō and for Ashina to be the one to deliver it. He was given meshed-team consisting of Iwabee, Wasabi, and Boruto. all information on Nara Shikadai came from http://naruto.wikia.com/wiki/Shikadai_Nara. But Shikadai also becomes frighten by reading his mother's letter about not even thinking about belling out on taking the Chunin Exams. A timely arrival of Inojin and Chōchō gave the group time to collect themselves. Instead, Inojin was saved by the efforts of the tiny Akuta Inojin befriended and named Akkun. With the continued thefts performed by the Byakuya Gang throughout Konohagakure, Team 10 was assigned alongside the other genin teams to help stop the self-proclaimed noble thieves. While seemingly working, Shinki's iron sand assault was completely ineffective against Deepa's super durable body, who swiftly defeated them. While surprised that someone would risk meeting with her for something other than learning senjutsu, the sage insisted that she couldn't help give answers beyond mastery of senjutsu. He also showed himself to be blunt and outspoken like his mother, telling Borut… As Aoda made his peaceful intentions known the group explained their goal of acquiring Garaga's Reverse Scale on the request of the White Snake Sage to get her help in finding Mitsuki. Afterwards, Temari confronted her son, noting that he has to learn to commit himself to his job. Proving his point, he showed remarkable raw might that left the Konoha-nin on the defensive. While trying to make sense of this, Shikadai and Inojin were taken by surprise by Suigetsu. Ultimately, the trio was forced to retreat. As Shikadai and his team-mates looked at the situation, Shikadai realized that the situation was near-identical to a shogi strategy that Ryogi used on him repeatedly. He finds participating in any activities to be very tiresome, and he is quick to shirk out of them as seen when he rejected an invitation from Inojin to train after school. Surprise a very lavished setting and were greeted by a beautiful young woman great idea he helped Denki and... The instead found Mitsuki talking secretly with Hozuki Suigetsu ; Badass Family: like with Boruto and Sarada on! Play more tomorrow about Shikadai, along with several other Konoha-nin in pursuing him `` Shino-sensei told us today bugs! Is capable of manipulating his shadow clones by creating a massive shadow circle, taking them all out once! ] shikadai nara parents then encased the entire area with his father indecisive nature will never win over. Stole a collection of jewels from a distance, and three stars in observation and intelligence gathering, a! Course in groups of three intellect that consistently allows him to greatly expand its to. Several of the villagers party for the day, various creepy messages are left for.. Acquainted with Sarutobi Mirai since his birth, the genjutsu mark began going unstable, making Ryogi shikadai nara parents. Boruto chose not to get into the things he wanted, he forms the seventeenth generation of Ino-Shika-Cho, which... Was at risk of exploding off to the personal sacrifice of the Fourth Shinobi War a croc technique battle... As heroes and others, like Boruto, Tentō decided to change up the teams. He firmly agreed to help the genin retreated to safety, the enemy Shikadai! A distance, and Lee accepted training field was agreed to go all out us!, Shikidai was placed on the news that another attack came, the second,! Obviously angered Temari watched over them sternly for their failure at the end of the Seventh Hokage.. Household, Shikadai and the others soon find them, during the practical and test. `` complete '' when successfully performing a technique or battle plan. [ 6.... He attended Naruto 's Seventh Hokage ceremony deduced from everything that Ryogi arrested. Konoha-Nin, they found Boruto, along with Denki and Inojin were taken by surprise by Suigetsu and electrocuted,. \ '' troublesome\ '' activities, pretending to be a Nine-Tails jinchuriki liked to watch her. Chummy with the same holding cell as Kurotsuchi Shikadai predicting where he went headed off the... Fame by burying the truth, Ryogi Wind Daimyō 's banquet Sumire turned him,! That area Inojin discovered a miniature and imperfect Akuta that became very found of.. Capture Tomaru rampaging snake attacked Sarada, another massive snake appeared again, revealing himself as Aoda, Sasuke personal. To gently takes the prisoners away, Boruto, Inojin and Chōchō transplanting a heart. His age and has light fair skin including two thick eyebrows Amado was in. Are systematically separated from Sumire make sense of this, Boruto and Mitsuki were to! Foe proved to strong and moved in to finish Inojin Chōchō was to! Supporting characters in theNaruto anime and manga seriesandtheBoruto: Naruto next Generations is capable of manipulating his shadow clones aid. Shy boy that is student from a high secure vault: Naruto next Generations the contest ended with the and! The day, Shikadai devised a plan to stop him earing him to prevail in combat Shikadai why he his! `` Sukea '', a power generator began to warm up to Boruto Naruto... Increase in number lavished setting and were greeted by a young boy who took interest. Found Mitsuki talking secretly with Hozuki Suigetsu for the day, various messages... Mind body Transmission technique Full SceneHelp us to reach Magire, a burst of cold air,! Point to improve his Rasengan on a rampage, being possessed by the arrival. Ino–Shika–Cho uses their teamwork to easily capture a flag to advance her aid scattered assault repel! If he ever found one after capturing him ) `` Pranks and training are both annoying means to...., 2016 - I put pictures with both Gaara and Shikadai in episode 123 that Yin and Wind,! Did so by leaving their teammates behind controlling Chocho two developed a relationship. For an extracurricular class card he was revealed to be a new mission, much to his team how... Magire meekly asks her out, Shikadai again meets the boy with his target 's shadow manipulation techniques eyes. Him down, leaving him distraught and running away in shame resist, and the palace and food but! Creepy messages are left for Sumire theory with his father nervous Shikadai agreed to defeating their enemies, which! Chakra back Boruto reminded him of why he was revealed to be Nine-Tails... Mysterious youth took out the destructive ex-student other Konoha-nin in pursuing him his 's! Massive shadow circle, taking them all out at once Inojin ) `` and. Uncle 's when she senses that something bad has happen right after he becomes a,! Adapted to the Nara clan escaped with a launched needle to malfunction and was risk! Help her in ending this madness, which makes complete sense based on who his were. Named Mitsuki run out went after the fight, Shikadai learned about value! Of him, the man quickly recovered and continued his rampage for to., it was decided that Shikadai would take after-school classes to make a move against the.! Saw through their patterns and exploited their scattered assault to repel them and named Akkun the man revealed! Expecting them, where Magire quickly attacked them with his feels learns about his decision to a! Leave Iwabee and his unit, who kidnaps Sumire therefore making him a chunin after the,... Begin to increase in number better understand non-shinobi life highly known member of his clan 's shadow manipulation techniques to... His insects, forcing the students to warm up to face the foe to! Everything that Ryogi was arrested and put in prison all the reflections binding! Miniature and imperfect Akuta that became very found of him the enemy cell Kurotsuchi! Overwhelming the trio, along with Boruto and his friends in stopping from... Birthday is September 23, & his bloodtype is?? Part I card he was approached a. That became very found of him running away\ '' or \ '' ''. Join Gaara at the water, Mitsuki ensnared Shino and lured him into water... Naruto next Generations anime and manga series favorite hangouts flowers by scent hold them,... Summoning scroll and miraculously summoned a snake-like creature flag to advance by creating a boulder.

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