Pororo the Little Penguin season 1 episode guide on TV.com. Pororo and the shark plays rock, scissors, paper and Pororo wins. Loopy was in front of her house drawing a picture. Eddy first appeared in the episode "We're friends", the first episode of Season 1. Kurikuri Tongtongtong! Audio Languages. Loopy is baking pie for her friends. But being the only one who couldn't catch a fish, Eddy becomes mad. Pororo and friends are at the playground playing hide and seek. Be the first one to add a plot. Now there are two Crongs! Crong wants to play with Pororo's new toy plane. Pororo and his friends encounter a new friend during a sled race. After reading about birds flying, Pororo starts to think that he too can fly. Thinking that the map shows the place where treasures are hidden, Eddy tells Pororo and Crong that he is off on a treasure hunt. He tries to wake Pororo. Pororo the Little Penguin (2004– ) Episode List. Tongtong's magic is a bit clumsy. On their way back, Pororo and Crong save a butterfly that's caught in a spider's web when all of a sudden, it starts to rain. And Eddy is going on the bridge to bring back Loopy's hat! The wind is still blowing strong. Harry took Poby's sneezing the wrong way. Pororo and Crong head to Poby's house for help, but Poby is already busy fixing Harry's house. Everyone is concerned. S2, Ep1. Pororo and friends are out in the ocean fishing. FULL 18:37. Pororo (voiced by Lee Sun) - a little blue penguinand the titular character of the cast of friends. Trying to undo the magic, Tongtong turns into a doll. Pororo, the mischievous penguin lives in a village on a far far away island with his unlikely friends. His friends asked him to sing, not knowing that Eddy can't hold a single note. Everyone happily puts the cookies in their mouths. Watch with Prime. Poby wakes up late one morning and accidentally drops a pepper shaker. English [CC] Audio Languages. This time he is making one to turn Clock into a brand new clock. They decide to make lunch and share it together. Bored by their old games, Pororo and friends think of a new way to have fun. He often gets into various types of mi… Pororo gets lost in the forest and is frightened by the wind and echo sounds. All of our friends have distinct personalities and different interests, which sometimes cause little happenings in their calm white world. Episode #2.1. Eddy says that he will fix the space ship so that Popo and Pipi could go back home. EP.6 ฮัดชิ่ว! Eddy is about to lose. They start making dominoes, but when Crong accidently ruin Pororo's domino, Pororo gets angry. While having fun playing in the woods, Pororo finds a mysterious egg. Harry asks this clumsy magician for help. Welcome to official Pororo the Little Penguin English Page! They forgot about the ball and went home. Pororo and Crong are preparing Poby's presents. Crong and Pororo get into an argument in the morning over Crong's behavior. Loopy finds her friends making a big castle with snow and joins them. Pororo the Little Penguin Season 1 (52) open Playlists. Pororo and Crong decide to become super heroes. When they returned to the playground to find their ball, it was lost. Rody is broken. Trying to catch him, Loopy stops in front of a bridge because she is too scared to cross it. Crong stays home trying to put a teddy bear in his truck present. Tongtong is at home trying to turn his wall clock into a new clock. But before Poby is happy about the fact he is flying. Pororo and Crong played at the playground with their ball. : Loopy finds her friends making a big castle with snow and joins them. Every night Crong sighs staring at the moon because he wants to have the it. Fascinated by the car, Pororo rides it alone, drives too fast and almost has an accident. On the starting signal Pororo and Eddy's team are racing. With the pepper in the air, Poby's nose itches and he lets out a sneeze. Soon after, Eddy's pole shows a sign. At last the space ship is floating. Eddy heads to Rody's house to find a missing part. Petty is hiding inside the top of the playground where there are paintings of trees and flowers. His inventions include robots, trains, cars, flying devices, ships and submersibles among other objects. Crong only eats meat. Today Pororo and Crong are making snowmen in front of their house. Tongtong the magic dragon was feeling hungry and was trying to get food by using his magic. JOIN NOW. Pororo found an old lamp that Poby threw out and thinks it is magic. Loopy finds out that Crong is hungry when she hears the sound coming from his stomach while listening through a stethoscope. But three thieves, Eddy, Tongtong and Rody, who are chased by police Pororo and Crong, are trying to steal the cookies. Pororo - The Little Penguin 2003 All 2 Seasons Talking-Animal Kids' TV On a tiny island, Pororo the penguin has fun adventures with his friends Eddy the fox, Loopy the beaver, Poby the polar bear and Crong the dinosaur. Pororo the Little Penguin Season 1 (52) open Playlists. A party is thrown for Rody, and everyone congratulates him. Then Petty's cookies are served. But the wind blows too strong and the kite string breaks. Little dragon Tongtong is showing magic tricks to his friends today. Poby says that he is envious of Tongtong's ability to fly. Crong wants to show his castle to Pororo and play with him. Everyone else is at Poby's house waiting for Crong. Pororo was playing on the swing. English. But Rody finds out that he cannot eat cake or drink milk like the others and feels sad. |, Please read the following before uploading. Loopy is impressed with Poby's handy work and says that Poby is the best. Often, these inventions go horribly wrong which causes trouble for anyone who … FULL 6:48. Loopy and Petty can't understand why roommates like Pororo and Crong or Poby and Harry get into so many arguments. Crong is not good at playing badminton. His friends suggest different ways that'll help him grow. Is it a monster? But all of a sudden, he loses control over the robot and it wanders around and breaks down. Loopy's pie is served first and everyone enjoys it. Petty returns home disappointed. Eddy and Rody step forward to get Loopy's hat. After eating too many fish, Crong becomes ill. Poby suggests that dancing is good for exercising and cheering people up. Rolling up his fishing pole, Eddy is disappointed to find a small fish on the end. Views 5,988 Like 6 FULL 7:14. While Pororo is taking a nap, Crong begins to scribble all over the house, and even on Pororo's face. Skip to Previous Skip to Next Shuffle Repeat Playlist RELATED VIDEOS. Crong can't stop his hiccups after eating some snacks behind Pororo's back. Kitty was playing with a ball at Petty's house when he accidentally hits Petty's vase with the ball. Amazed by how the magnet attracts iron, Crong takes Loopy's can and Eddy's iron airplane. So he asks Loopy's permission to borrow the doll for one night. But while test driving the space ship, one of the booster blows up. Episode #2.2 ... « Season 1 | Season 2 | Season 3 » See also. Pororo the Little Penguin. Petty gets mad that she leaves Loopy's house and decides to go over to Pororo's place. But it seems like Pororo doesn't want to share his new toy. Pororo and Crong get on their plane to head for Tongtong's house with the star. Eddy makes a house for his assistant robot Rody. A shooting star land near them and Crong takes the star home. Poby is very tall, so helps Crong get the book. Unlike his intentions, Kitty ruins Petty's painting and her book while cleaning the house. With many failure, Tongtong succeeds making an apple. Meanwhile, Pororo and Crong come to Eddy's house and find the frog robot on the table. Pororo stepped on a piece of wood and fell, hurting his arm. Season 5 - We Are Good Friends. Loopy and Eddy are frightened by the story of a horrible monster that kidnaps bad children. Everyone is playing rock-scissors-paper in front of Pororo's house. Everyone is enjoying Loopy's sandwich. The images should not contain any sexually explicit content, race hatred material or other offensive symbols or images. Pororo the Little Penguin Season 1 (52) open Playlists. He finds everyone else but Petty. But Pororo and Loopy can't see ahead and bump in each other. Pororo, his friends, and Tu-tu are at the playground reading "The Courageous Supercar." Eddy is faced with a big worry. Eddy's gang try to lure Petty into the flower garden on her way to her uncle's house but fail. Poby feels bad for leaving Harry behind so, goes back home to play with Harry. The penguin shaped plane flies up in the sky! Eddy starts fixing the space ship. Everyone is flying kite on the hill. Loopy is frightened by a strange figure. He brings it back to his house to eat it, but the egg starts to crack and a baby dinosaur comes out. While Pororo and Crong were reading a book Crong tries to take the book away from Pororo. Tired of always being the villain, Crong snatches Pororo's 'Hero' mark and runs off. Is it a monster? It's Tu-tu, the talking car. Views 617 Like 2. Crong awakes at the sound of Pororo's snore and can't go back to sleep because the snore gets louder and louder. A little penguin named Pororo lived in a small forest village far in an ice world. The shark accepts Eddy's rule. Watch Later Added. But when he was just about to reach for the apple in the air, Crong who was flying by snatches the apple. Pororo gets curious and turns the frog on. One day Loopy finds her friends making a big castle with snow and joins them. Once upon a time, there lived a little penguin wearing a red hood named Petty. But when it was time to say good bye, Popo and Pipi, and the others are sad to part. Loopy gives Popo and Pipi a basket of cookies as a parting gift. Everybody now thinks that Loopy can find out anything using the stethoscope and confess their wrong doing. Next morning, Crong is disappointed to find the light of the star disappeared. Long ago, Pororo, Crong and Harry lived in a small cabin. Crong asks Rody to play. Pororo finds pretty dandelions blooming and takes them back to his house. Watch all 52 Pororo the Little Penguin episodes from season 1,view pictures, get episode information and more. Pororo and friends are fishing in the sea. Crong wakes up in the morning. Is it a monster? Rody stretches his arms and legs and makes a bridge all the way to the other side of the cliff! Pororo asks Eddy to help clear the tree that fell from the heavy snow but Eddy pretends to be sick. Pororo carried a large snowball so then Loopy. Tongtong makes a new magic potion, but Clock refuses to take it. It's a story about Superfox and Supercar's victory over Gregon, the monster who is trying to steal a magical jewelry. Will Pororo and ever learn how to share the new toy with their friends? Everyone is out today for a sled race. Pororo makes fun of the size of the fish. FULL 7:43. Pororo and Crong come to Tongtong's house while Tongtong is out. Loopy and Pororo find a dim light shinning far away and think it's a ghost's trick. On the sled ride Toto's hat is blown off by the wind. Petty talks with the leaves. Pororo gets jealous of Loopy's praise toward Poby and tries to prove that he can do what Poby does. Furious at losing the race, Eddy spent the night making a new sled. Buy HD $1.99. Loopy gets furious. They couldn't find it anywhere. Loopy loves to cook for her friends, but after a while, her friends forget to be thankful. On top of that, he doesn't poop when his body tells him to, so Crong becomes constipated. Watch all you want. Pororo the Little Penguin. But sleepy Pororo just briefly wakes up and reads a book that Crong gave him and falls back to sleep. Kurikuri Tongtongtong! Eddy makes a rocking car for his friend. Pororo gets angry when he returns home and Crong runs out to the playground. Pororo wears big round aviator goggles and a tan-colored aviator cap (parodying the fact that penguins are incapable of flight). Even the cold doesn't stop him from leaving the house to go fishing. The sharks are around and they surround the boat. Pororo forgives Crong with the help of their friends at the playground. Rody goes after Clock, and asks him to drink the new potion. Watch Later Added. Crong comes by at Eddy's house and accidentally goes in the cloning machine. It isn't as cold the next day, so both Poby and Harry decide to to go fishing, but they suddenly get caught in a storm. Pororo and Crong come through the door. Poby and his friends meet at Loopy's house at 10 and they make popcorn till 12. Crong wants to read a book, but the book is high on a shelf and out of his reach. He brings it back to his house, but the egg starts to crack and a baby dinosaur comes out. Watch Later Added. Watching Loopy bake, Petty decides to bake some cookies. Instead of turning into a brand new clock, it turns into a police car. ชั้นเป็นหวัด | Pororo the Little Penguin Season 1. Jimmy Fallon's monologue from Thursday, April 20. Pororo and friends go on a trip to a nearby mountain on Eddy's little train. Pororo and Eddy are riding their sled on ice when Poby drops a box filled with balls. Remember: Abuse of the TV.com image system may result in you being banned from uploading images or from the entire site – so, play nice and respect the rules! Watch Later Added. Eddy makes a big balloon for his friends but it gets too big and takes Eddy off his feet. Moreover, Loopy's pretty hat is blown off the cliff. Crong shoves the bear in and breaks the truck. Crong says that he didn't do it but Pororo gets really angry. Skip to Previous Skip to Next Shuffle Repeat Playlist RELATED VIDEOS. The clock was always skeptical about Tongtong's magic. The sixth season of Pororo The Little Penguin was the sixth season of the series. Popo and Pipi are glad to see their friends again. Watch Later Added. After realizing that they've taken Loopy for granted, the friends promise to cook something for her. In this village, Loopy the shy beaver, Poby the kind hearted polar bear, Eddy the smart fox, Petty the charming penguin girl and Crong the silly dinosaur all come together as best friends. Today is Poby's birthday. © 2021 TV.COM, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. Eddy suggests playing a game. Loopy reads about fortune telling with a petal and predicts that Poby will catch a big fish. Today Pororo and Crong are going to fly a plane that Eddy made. Crong breaks his toy car while playing with it. At last, Loopy and Petty's cake and cookies are done, and they invite their friends. Crong wants to play with the plane at any cost, so Pororo and Crong fight over the toy and Crong runs out with it. On Tongtong magic Poby's body rises and starts floating in air. Pororo and Rody, Eddy and Crong have divided into teams to play badminton. Today is Pororo's birthday, but Pororo has forgotten that it is his birthday. Pororo and Rody have great teamwork and are on a winning streak, so Pororo doesn't want to change partners. Add Image. What will happen to them? Pororo gets curious and peeks into Loopy's house and finds out that she is making a muffler. Poby is reading a tale. The friends get panic and try to rescue her, but Petty isn't worried at all. Eddy makes a telephone by connecting cans with a string. 1 Episodes 2 Characters 2.1 Main Characters 2.2 Supporting Characters 2.3 Minor Characters 3 Episode Titles 4 Trivia We Love You, Rody Crong's Little Friend The Best Birthday Present Wake Up, Princess Petty Loopy's Camping Adventure Pororo, Crong! His stomach feels even worse while he's jumping on Eddy's trampoline, but Crong doesn't show his discomfort in front of his friends. Popo and Pipi are fixing their space ship, but it is not going well. She jumps on the leaves and has a good time. Crong tries going to the bathroom to do his business many times, but nothing happens. The friends want Eddy to make a giant bubble, so Eddy has been busy inventing a bubble machine. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. ddy made a robot toy frog. Sometimes, he can be a show-off. Crong throws a ball of snow to Loopy for fun. Pororo the Little Penguin (Korean: 뽀롱뽀롱 뽀로로, romanized: Pporongpporong Ppororo) is a Korean-British computer-animated television series created by Iconix Entertainment and Ocon with the animation done by Studio Gail and rendered by Seoul Animation Center [citation needed] (formerly with the North Korean company Samchŏlli in Kaesong from season 1~2). Subtitles. They have distinct personalities and different interests, which sometimes cause little happenings in their calm white world. Pororo - The Little Penguin Release year: 2009 Pororo, Crong, Eddy, Poby, Loopy and the rest of the gang make friends with space explorers, invent a robot, visit a magical dragon and more. Pororo - The Little Penguin. Views 527 Like 1. Eddy and Rody's team came in second and Poby and Harry's team in third. Crong likes Loopy's doll Toto. When Eddy asked him for one ride, Pororo ignored him. He is 8 years old (9 in Season 3, 10 years old in Season 4, 11 in Season 5, 12 in Season 6) and the leader of the group. The magician tells Crong that he will need a magic cure for Pororo. Poby invites his friends to his house and Pororo breaks Poby's favorite camera while showing off his basketball skills. While Pororo is out of the house, Crong scribbles on the wall with paint. Here you can watch all of your favorite Pororo episodes. In this village, Loopy the shy beaver, Poby the kind hearted polar bear, Eddy the smart fox, Petty the charming penguin girl and Crong the silly dinosaur all come together as best friends. Pororo, the mischievous penguin lives in a village on a far far away island with his unlikely friends. Will Loopy find out? Since they've made a promise, they still do their best to prepare something for Loopy. Everyone else prepares a gift for Rody. But when they all go to Eddy's house, they find Eddy's wall full of scribbles. What happened? OPENING | Pororo NEW 1 | Pororo HD | Pororo the Little Penguin Season: OR . Skip to Previous Skip to Next Shuffle Repeat Playlist RELATED VIDEOS. Eddy is enjoying looking at his friends with the telescope. With Loopy's present, Popo and Pipi return to their home Pipo planet in their space ship. Change! Pororo and Crong cheer when they see the penguin shaped plane specially made for Pororo, but the others are a bit sceptical about wether it will fly or not. Kind Petty is on her way to Uncle Poby's house with home made cookies. Please Don't Fight The Adventures on Summer Island 1 … When Pororo and friends arrive, Clock runs out and hides. Pororo and Crong finds a puzzle in Loopy's house. Crong heads out of the house disappointed and finds the others playing badminton. EP.7 ฉันชื่อแฮรี่ | Pororo the Little Penguin Season 2. S2, Ep2. Harry suggests them to go to Tongtong for the answer. Pororo finds a mysterious egg while having fun playing in the woods. One day, Petty spends the night at Loopy's house, but a small argument eventually turns into a big fight! They go around all friends' house to show what a great hero Crong is but fail. EP.23 ฉันคือซูเปอร์คร็อง | Pororo the Little Penguin Season 2. Puzzled Eddy tries to grab control but the other booster explodes. Watch Pororo the Little Penguin - Season 1, Episode 43 - Crong, Im Sorry: When Pororo gets startled opening a box with a toy bomb, he thinks it … However, trouble occurs when the bubble flies away carrying Petty inside! We are working hard to create fun new episodes to keep our dear fans happy. Her friends later realize that they can't cook, and everything turns out to be a disaster! Everyone play with blocks until 6:30. 2003 TV-Y7 2 Seasons Kids' TV. His age is 10 (11 in Season 3, 12 years old in Season 4, 13 in Season 5, 14 in Season 6). Something in its part must have gone wrong. Eddy finds an old map. He worries that Poby is coming down with a cold. Pororo is a little penguin that marks him as the titular character of the cast of friends. Watch Pororo the Little Penguin - Season 1, Episode 4 - Smile, Smile, Smile! Eddy has ruined Toto.Sensing the trouble he is in, Eddy asks Pororo something... What will happen to Eddy? Pororo and Crong end up being chased by the angry magic wand. One day, Crong hears Loopy crying out for help. Was it all just a dream? Pororo made his snowman looking just like Crong, and Crong made a snowman looking just like Pororo. Eddy heads to tell the news to Rody. TV Schedule. Skip to Previous Skip to Next Shuffle Repeat Playlist RELATED VIDEOS. Subtitles. Pororo and friends are out watching the stars at night. They come prepared with something to cure Poby's cold. 1. The three were singing and dancing to Pororo's accordion. Pororo and Crong are playing "super hero". Crong is the hero and Rody is the villain with a mask. Views 828 Like 1. Eddy was looking at the sky with his telescope and makes a rocket to go to the moon. Pororo finds a mysterious egg while having fun playing in the woods. The race was close, and Pororo and Crong's team came in first. Pororo and friends are in trouble! That night, like magic, Toto comes in front of Crong and leads him out of the house to ride a sled. Loopy and Petty believe they'll become closer friends when they become roommates. Eddy made a surprise box that blows up and makes smoke when you open it. October 18, 2016. Tongtong comes from the sky to see them. Pororo, Eddy, and Poby go out to fly kites they each made for themselves. He wants to become strong by magic. Pororo goes out in the ocean to get the ball he was playing with on the shore. Eddy and Crong feel a little left out by Rody and Pororo's close partnership. He puts the star in a box and goes to sleep. The winner gets what he wants. He tries to drink milk but ends up spilling it on his face. In fact, she is having a great time flying around in the bubble. Pororo wears big round orange aviator goggles and a tan-coloured aviator cap. Pororo finds a mysterious egg while having fun playing in the woods. Crong gets to borrow the doll and he falls asleep with it in his bed. Eddy accidentally drops one of Loopy's favorite bunny doll, Toto, on the floor. 2. Add Image. Pororo and friends gather on top of a hill to ride sleds and ski. Watch Pororo the Little Penguin - Season 1, Episode 1 - We're Friends: Pororo finds a mysterious egg while having fun playing in the woods. The next morning, Eddy is having a rematch. Poby loves fishing. Bộ phim hướng trẻ nhỏ đến tính đạo đức trong cách ứng xử đời thường. Các nhân vật phụ gồm có Eddy, Crong, Poby, Loppy, Harry, Petty và một số nhân vật khác. Episodes Pororo - The Little Penguin. Pororo thinks the dinosaur as a … Views 3,788 Like 5 … When Pororo gets startled opening a box with a toy bomb, he thinks it as another one of Crong's jokes. Turning a cactus into a clock.... Tongtong turns into a clock instead. Pororo gets angry and demands an explanation from Crong. No episodes have been added for this season of Pororo the Little Penguin. Pororo and Crong are on their way to Tongtong's house on their plane. Eddy finally gets a hold of the leaping frog and turns it off. After Pororo and Crong realize that they've left their bag on the train, they break off from the group and go back to find the bag. They happily go in the house together. Crong is grateful, but now he starts to wish that he was tall like Poby. This time the sharks choose what game to play. He puts a sandwich in the machine and...tah tah~ Sandwich is cloned. The wall clock turns small. Tu-tu gets so caught up in the story that he believes that his friend Tongtong the flying dragon is a monster and attacks him.

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