Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) General Program Standards: For an organization to achieve quality services, the persons served are active participants in the planning, prioritization, implementation, and ongoing evaluation of the services offered. ", Although her unit used the REACH conference as an opportunity to learn more about CARF's standards, according to Pistone-Halpern, attending has benefits far beyond any accreditation: "Going to conference rejuvenates you; it shows you what's coming directly from your colleagues in a highly specialized field. This commitment guides the delivery of services and ongoing interactions with the persons served. And despite receiving accreditation with no recommendation, she says her unit will continue to constantly strive to do better, always. CARF, an independent, nonprofit accreditor of health and human services, has developed quality standards that are considered a roadmap for effective quality practices. Learn about our gender-specific, faith-based addiction treatment programs, or contact us for a free and confidential assessment. Understanding the rigorous protocol enacted to achieve the CARF accreditation and maintain the licensure through follow-up audits and site visits can provide some insight into the efforts being made by treatment facilities in order to preserve their accreditation. Standards Manuals & Workbooks Aging Services Behavioral Health Child and Youth Services Continuing Care Retirement Community Employment and Community Services Medical Rehabilitation Opioid Treatment Program Vision Rehabilitation Services Specialty Practice of Rehab Nursing Core Curriculum, 8th ed. Evidence-Based Rehab Nursing Interventions. While achieving accreditation is contingent upon specific components of a facility’s functionality, such as a viable integrated strategic and financial plan, the true purpose of the comprehensive and exhaustive audit process is to ensure the treatment being provided to clients meets the highest clinical standard. Survey Preparation Workbook contains standards-related questions. A Guide for Implementation of the CARF Standards and use of Accreditation Readiness Resource Materials CARF Health and Safety Standards (Section 1.H., in all CARF Accreditation Standards Manuals) A. Overview The most fundamental aspect of meeting the CARF health and safety standards is having an “organized” health and safety system. Her own unit purchased ARN's Clinical Care Tools for Continence Care in the poster format, put it into policy, and bought a supporting book for each nurse to ensure staff had those resources at their fingertips. About CARF. Though the GHMC unit has been CARF accredited for more than 20 years, the organization's commitment to the standards extends well beyond the unit being surveyed. "The essence of CARF is not meeting the standard and moving through—it's wanting the best for your patients and constantly achieving the best care possible, which will be best for patients," Pistone-Halpern said. Learn about our quality standards and visit our Online Store to obtain a standards manual.) ©Association of Rehabilitation Nurses, All Rights Reserved. Through our whole-person approach, we’re here to help guide you back to the person God made you to be. would not only guarantee that we achieved this goal, but also ensured that those seeking their rehabilitative services fully understood the quality of our staff and establishment. Established in 1966, CARF International is an independent, nonprofit accreditor of health and human services providers in the areas of Behavioral Health, Child and Youth Services, Opioid Treatment Programs, Aging Services, Durable Medical Equipment, Employment and Community Services, Medical Rehabilitation, and Vision Rehabilitation Services. "Patients and families are very astute," Pistone-Halpern said, noting that she has been asked by patients and families if her unit is CARF certified. Consulting with a specific CARF resource specialist, Conducting a self-evaluation prior to CARF’s arrival, Participating in the CARF extensive audit, Waiting to receive the findings from the CARF audit, Persons served and other stakeholders (obtain input). Privacy Policy | Return Policy | Contact Us, Criteria for Medical Necessity in Inpatient Rehab Facility, Decisions about Staffing in Rehab Nursing, Inclusion of Rehab Concepts in BSN Programs. The next opportunity to take the CRRN exam is June 2021. CARF is an independent, nonprofit accrediting body that is considered the gold standard for medical rehabilitation programs whose focus is to advance quality of services to meet customers’ needs for the best possible outcomes. Value of CARF Accreditation This framework ensures that all treatment facilities applying for CARF accreditation are held to the same standard of enacting and facilitating rehabilitation. In addition, Pistone-Halpern noted the importance of turning such information into protocols and policies to ensure nurses are empowered to use it. It signifies the highest level of certification that a treatment facility can receive and sets them within the highest echelon of therapeutic facilities within the world. This whole process can take over a year to initiate and prepare the facility for the CARF audit, and the audit itself typically lasts 3 to 5 days depending on the size of the facility and the number of clinicians providing services. Understanding this distinction is what initially inspired Covenant Hills to pursue the CARF accreditation. CARF accreditation is both a defining standard of excellence and a motivator when it comes to rehabilitation nursing. That is why receiving their accreditation takes time and supreme effort on the part of the treatment facility working to achieve CARF approval. Our policies and procedures: The result of 11 years of direct application of the CARF standards of accreditation through partnerships with over 160 individual organizations "Being exposed to CARF leaders at the REACH conference was valuable beyond measure and made it real to staff. We were keenly aware that attaining a CARF accreditation. "It was amazing to be able to talk about our 24-bed unit and our accomplishments directly with the president of CARF. Annual updates, CARF trainings, CARF document management system, corporate compliance reporting, critical incident reporting, job description reviews, grievance reporting and more. What Will My Loved One Experience in Christian-Based Rehab? Condensed from the CARF standards manuals. In particular, the Joint Commission is more medically-based while CARF is more focused in the individual healthcare industry. "I came away understanding how to implement (the improvements).". You want to be confident with CARF immediately and our consultants guide and lead you, as they are familiar with the expectations surrounding CARF accreditation standards. The most complete and cost-effective means of obtaining/maintaining CARF national standards. Survey Preparation Workbook contains standards-related questions. We were reenergized!" "(It) will push you to do things more thoroughly (because) you aren't just meeting standards, you're making them the best standards for your patient population.". A standards manual is a framework that builds upon your current business plan. The standards developed by CARF are person centered, field driven, state of the art nationally and internationally … Accreditation is a sign of quality and is an important consideration in their decision making. After the meeting, Pistone-Halpern and her colleagues "came out proud, rejuvenated, and ready for the CARF survey. What differentiates a person who wants to become a doctor from someone who actually works within the profession? Having such resources helps Pistone-Halpern and colleagues work together to anticipate next stages in a patient's health care trajectory. When sets of standards are introduced or updated between printings of standards manuals, CARF provides complimentary downloadable copies of the new or revised standards. 1.K.1. After all, what is a treatment facility worth if those being served are not the most important element to its professional existence? "We all got something different out of it. However, without the proper knowledge of what is required and access to helpful tools and forms, obtaining CARF accreditation can be a challenging process. No area of CARF accreditation preparation instills more anxiety than the creation of required documents. "It was an exhilarating feeling!" Organizations preparing for their initial survey often develop tunnel vision; focusing on policy and procedure preparation, to the exclusion of other processes. Completing the survey preparation questions: In March 2020, the Garnet Health Medical Center (GHMC; formerly the Orange Regional Medical Center), received notice that it had earned Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) accreditation based on CARF's recent survey. (If your organization is applying for a CARF survey, please review the complete steps to accreditation published in the standards manuals. CARF-accredited organizations protect and promote the rights of all persons served. Accreditation Now, Inc., is committed to providing useful training protocols that will assist in both meeting the requirements for accreditation and increasing the effectiveness of services provided. Its accreditation process assesses organizations against these internationally recognized standards during an onsite survey conducted by peer surveyors, and earning accreditation indicates that the healthcare provider is committed to continuous performance improvement. To ensure relevancy, all quality standards provided by a CARF manual are developed through the input of field experts, service providers, persons served and payers. "During handoffs, you can say, 'This happened, so let's look at the resources to see what they indicate may happen next, so that we're prepared for it in the next 24-hour shift,'" Pistone-Halpern said. Achieving CARF accreditation is no simple task. Accreditation creates a standard for facilities to aim toward. We are an independent, nonprofit organization focused on advancing the quality of services you use to meet your needs for the best possible outcomes. We know we're backed by CARF standards, and that gives us the knowledge that we're trying the best we can. CARF offers a variety of standards manuals to address the unique and diverse needs of organizations across the spectrum of health and human services. "CARF (accreditation) is the hallmark of excellence for rehab," Pistone-Halpern said. Being granted licensure and accreditation by CARF requires extensive auditing and insight in order to ensure the facilities bearing their stamp of approval hold to the highest level of clinical care. Used by surveyors, consultants and independent organizations, internationally. By obtaining accreditation through CARF, providers must have their processes reviewed to meet between 1,200 and 1,400 standards. Accreditation Readiness is an industry leader in the development and delivery of quality written policies and procedures that support successful CARF accreditation outcomes. ", In addition to providing internal validation, CARF accreditation shows others that you are constantly striving for greatness. There is a real (sense of) comradery in talking to so many other nurses, and you're really speaking with the top echelon of nurses. applicable standards intent statements to guide demonstration of conformance changes in the standards from the previous year appendices for required written documentation and operational timelines CARF glossary. "It's nice to get validation by going to seminars. 2012 CARF Behavioral Health Standards Manual: Section 2.F. Visit for more information and useful resources for providers and consumers. CARF is the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities located in Tucson, Arizona. For example, we read a poster about adding orange aroma therapy into the medication room where medication management is facilitated and we implemented that. Our work is about quality of life—and it doesn't get more important than that.". What separates someone that gives good advice from an individual who works as a clinical therapist? If you have some 'ahas' that's great, but it's just wonderful to have additional support and resources to be able to refer back to," Pistone-Halpern said. Choose a product format: We went to every session related to CARF." "Even if you're not on a COVID unit, we're all facing challenges together and we're all dedicated to the hospital. This, in turn, improves staff engagement, morale, retention, and safety, and makes the unit a better place for both staff and patients. Certification demonstrates a provider’s capacity to deliver a specific Level of Care, thereby differentiating it to … It is a sign of assurance to third-party payors and governmental regulators that you have met internationally recognized standards, and it is a tool for quality improvement within your organization. "We are at work almost more than we're at home, especially with what (we're going) through now" Pistone-Halpern said. The standard set by CARF is purposely difficult to attain. The CARF standard ensures that the organization displaying their seal has undergone extensive auditing and inspection in order to ensure that the services you receive are of the highest quality. By comparison, the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities, or CARF, is the standard bearer of licensure for treatment facilities providing clinical services within their communities.

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