Customer Reviews "I can't say enough about how happy I am with my gorgeous ring from Brilliant Earth! Total waist of time, didn't read reviews before agreeing to a meeting, but from what I read, had a lucky escape. JUST DON'T. Sketchy. Having read other reviews and reading their blog posts on how much they give back, I felt comfortable doing business with them. It was a little weird at first, since the showroom just opened and the waiting room smelled like Home Depot, as if the showroom was literally just painted the night before. I was drawn to Brilliant Earth for its focus on ethical sourcing, and at the time was thrilled to be a customer. My order was done to the highest professional standard, I’ll rate my first time shopping experience. I looked on the Blue Nile and Brilliant Earth websites and was about to buy from Brilliant Earth. We got pretty close to making a final decision. They were clear about delays and repair costs, which I appreciated. Brilliant Earth has a wide range of diamonds on offer, with ten different styles, multiple carats, cuts, and colors. Brillant service , just signed up no reservation , i would reccommend Useful. Voice your opinion today and hear what 48,199 customers have already said. The art of Jewels ad of Facebook guaranteed to have the lowest price. I was then connected with one of the lead agents, I believe her name was Crystal. Original review: June 6, 2020. They seem to know about their extremely high turnover rate which is why they spend money on recruiting websites. Finally on July 20th he responded and let me know progress was being made. Always go with your gut, especially when there is consistency in negative reviews.I do not want anyone out there to have the same experience as we did. I will definitely shop here again!!. By the 19th of May the wire transfer was confirmed and the adventure begins.- 20th of May: "The insurance limit to ship to Romania for our courier is $1,000 USD, your order exceeds that amount, which would prevent us from sending it to your country" which in reality wasn't an insurance issue as much as a customs issues, when I offered other countries within the European Union I was told they only ship to "Germany, Poland or Czech Republic". I was really disappointed and confused... my hold was still active and I paid (a lot) for the deposit.The next day, they called to say it was a mistake -- the diamond was actually in still in shipping. | Read 173,561-173,580 Reviews out of 236,561 WHAT?! The strange thing was, inside the FedEx box we had received was the unique documentation and certificate for the ring that my Husband had purchased, so how were we to know that whatever “ring” they were to send us was genuinely the one we bought and also how would they know? 2 major strikes against Brilliant Earth with us in 2 years. However, what makes this company unique extends beyond the scope of their fine jewellery and focuses on how they obtain their diamonds. I was also very pleased with the service I received when picking it out. I proposed several weeks later, and my fiancée (she said yes) loved the ring!Fast forward, and we're coming up on our wedding. Still waiting for my product. Reviews from Brilliant Earth employees about Brilliant Earth culture, salaries, benefits, work-life balance, management, job security, and more. Share. All is okay again. Her tone was very unpleasant, and I asked to speak with her supervisor. There was no up selling or pressure. Both times no ring. Nothing. Our team mailed the check to you on June 4th and it can take up to 2 weeks to arrive" I kid you not they have sent a physical check by mail to Romania. Most Brilliant Earth Reviews testify to the beauty of their products and the sparkle in their diamonds. I'm a little concerned that I can't stop staring at it. My proposal could not have been more different to the above scenario. My husband feels terrible that he purchased my ring here. I've only recently joined the team however I couldn't be happier! Staff is well educated on their inventory, the diamond industry and overall company information and the merchandise is exceptional quality and style. Brilliant Earth provides limitless troubleshooting and assistance programs to aid the customer to choose the perfect diamond. Sadly, I can no longer be an advocate of your company. Sadly, I'm writing to detail out my journey as a Brilliant Earth customer, and it's not a great experience. Because I don’t know much about the history or people, I will dive right into the their products and service. I'm usually not the type of person to take time to type up a review, but Brilliant Earth's service and products are just so amazing I … Again only their own guarantee. These diamonds are about as close to ethically sourced as you can get. Læs, hvad 378 mennesker har skrevet, og del din egen oplevelse. Total waist of time. Because it is such a high ticketed item, I wanted to be sure I was selecting a reputable company. Er du enig i Brilliant.orgs -stjernede bedømmelse? A few phone calls later, we were passed to over to Reuben, who informed us that our ring was in fact sat in the shop and he could get it shipped out to us, even though the previous later had said they didn’t have it. Because I was buying numerous identical pieces, I thought it would be better to call in their customer service line to be sure the order was placed correctly and that I would get the items in time for our group supper. Their customer service is phenomenal and they know how to keep their customers happy. I’ve been with Brilliant Earth for just over a year and have really loved everything. © 2021 Trustpilot, Inc. All rights reserved. I had colleagues mention that the company used to be really different but that they were working hard to change the culture. Offers the biggest collection of lab created diamonds in the industry 6. They have no independent documentation behind their diamonds. Voice your opinion today and hear what 3915 customers have already said. 740 reviews of Brilliant Earth "I can't say enough good things about this company. Dave 1 review. They offer an excellent service and I would recommend them to anyone. I bought my wife her birthday gift on Brilliant Earth and it was delivered this week. Returning products is an absolute pain. Rating: (4 / 5) Click here for details (opens in new window) Yelp. The process of ordering and having it delivered to London was fine and I also got a pair of diamond stud earrings (although very small in size!) THEY WILL TAKE YOUR MONEY AND RUN.Now that I've got your attention. BBB. If I decided to get the work done or not it would take an additional few weeks to get my ring back after inspection. !Good luckKate. We were then informed the ring would take another 6 weeks to make. Bye! Customer reviews of Brilliant Earth; After going through over 200 customer reviews of Brilliant Earth on review websites, we can safely say that customers generally have a good experience with Brilliant Earth. She made sure everything went through ok and that I would receive the delivery in time. The only reason I am giving one star is because zero stars was not an option. Do you agree with Evans Halshaw’s TrustScore? Offers a variety of products that includes engagement rings, wedding rings, diamonds, gemstones and jewelry 5. brill That's not just for a custom design, I wanted to change the color of stones in an existing style, even though it would have been cheaper than diamonds it would have been more to make it custom, so we're going with someone else for our bands. It got a lot of love on insta as well. Both my engagement ring and wedding band was purchased at brilliant earth and I only trust them to do the cleaning of my rings. I selected Brilliant Earth because I believe in their Environmental philosophy, and I wanted to have an alternative to my current engagement ring, but to be honest, my Brilliant Earth ring will be worn far more often because it is the most gorgeous ring I have ever seen! I found this website through google after browsing other competitors. What this means is that the diamonds listed on their site are not necessarily available. Honestly, we had a glass of prosecco when he was finally refunded. At this point we were getting terrifyingly close to our wedding date, August 5th. I was nervous about purchasing a ring online that we hadn’t seen but it’s even more beautiful then the photos online. I have tried to purchase a ring from Brilliant Earth twice. Brilliant Earth Review This article has mentions of products from one or more companies, and I may receive compensation if you purchase those products following reading my recommendations. I went right to the counter, and started talking with a jeweler.My girlfriend has very particular tastes, and we had discussed what she’d want in an engagement ring in the past. Pros and Cons When I called they told me it was delayed. Wild Earth has 5 stars! Brilliant Earth is a fast growing ecommerce jeweler service that provides a conflict free diamond guarantee to consumers. The same stone went back up on the website a week later. When asked why they have sent a check instead of doing a wire transfer in the same bank account that has made the payment in the first place they replied "We are not able to refund via bank wire as our policies require a higher level of security to return funds". I didn’t really know much about the different types of gem cuts, quality of gold and other things like that, but the jeweler knew exactly what I was talking about right away, and helped me find the perfect ring! How does it work? Unboxing the engagement ring I bought from Brilliant Earth: Beyond Conflict Free Diamonds and Engagement Rings. We have not gone so far as to test the craftsmanship (given how we feel about their overall product line), but the have some unique engagement rings on offer. Do you agree with’s star rating? I waited for tracking numbers. We have had so many problems with quality and customer service rudeness and he feels like its his fault for picking this jeweler. Before we begin, a few things to know about Brilliant Earth include: Their diamonds are environmentally and ethically friendly. I had a very particular design in mind so was so excited to see the finished product which was even more beautiful than I could have imagined. Brilliant Earth is a scam. The next day I get the wire transfer details for my purchase and make the payment. I will be returning to Brilliant Earth for additional gifts. I tripled checked with different people at the company. Read real reviews written by Brilliant Earth customers. We worked with the above rep to have that sent to be repaired. The current team structures are small and nimble, and expectations are high for each person. Check out what 236,561 people have written so far, and share your own experience. Their diamonds come from multiple sources, including Canada, Botswana, and Russia, among others. Ordered a laboratory made 2.62ct, F color, VS1 clarity, emerald cut diamond on a Tuesday. I'm getting married next year and wanted to ask my bridesmaids to be part of my wedding party while presenting them with identical bracelets. Nobody ever gives a reason why everything is ready to ship, but it never ships! | Read 41-60 Reviews out of 140 !I was fuming.... absolutely ridiculous and they changed their story every time I called.Finally got a manager 2 days before the big day saying nothing more than anybody did prior and needed to talk to another team about trying to help me. Brilliant Earth Engagement Rings- The Full Review: As all Brilliant Earth diamonds are manufactured with ecologically sound fundamentals, they are unique and breath-taking in its impressions and use. We are done. She took the incorrect band, added notes to the account, and arranged to have it corrected.We received it a second time, again, plated and incorrect. Look on reddit on you'll find horror stories about them. We had a custom-designed ring made. Botswana, a country located in Southern Africa, has prospered due to its diamond mines. 46 reviews for Brilliant Earth, 4.7 stars: 'Recently shopped with Brilliant Earth for both my mother and wife's mother's day gifts. Trustpilot. This messed up my proposal timing -- I booked a venue and plane tickets for family, because a few weeks earlier, Brilliant Earth said that timing wouldn't be a problem. You will NOT regret it. From my original purchase, to the service I receive when I bring in my pieces for cleaning, I would say their service is second to none. Read more This company has claimed its Trustpilot profile, but to our knowledge, doesn't actively invite its customers to write reviews on Trustpilot. The customer service was fantastic! Each item arrived earlier than expected and they were beautifully wrapped. Do you agree with Dj AmiTt @ Brilliant Entertainment -’s star rating? 144 reviews of Brilliant Earth "My fiancé and I had a wonderful experience here. Diamond arrived following Monday, a day earlier than expected.I am not sure about all these neg. "Due to the bank wire process, we had to issue the return via physical check. Beware.Here's what happened: I paid a 50% deposit to hold a diamond that I wanted to see in-person. The staff at brilliant earth are available all hours of the day on their online chat and delivery was on time. Right. Mark 3 reviews. I'd rather have a loose stone than contribute to a market based on human rights violations. I'm at my wits end. Both the service and merchandise from Brilliant Earth is wonderful. The rep placed the order herself. Even if a company has 80% good reviews but the negative ones are clearly genuinely unsatisfied customers who have experienced hellish situation beware! 4.5. brill It is great to see exactly where the money goes and it is brilliant how a little can go a long way with the right projects. It has a strong social mission to give back to diamond mining communities. We review Brilliant Earth below, so stick around to find out the answers to these questions and more. with them 10/10!! Ethically Mined Loose Diamonds. From the moment I found them on Google to the moment the delivery man rang my doorbell, I loved my experience. Who knows how many bad reviews they've removed like this.It took a week and so many phone calls to get in touch with a manager, but after taking down my original review, he finally offered a $150 discount or to honor my refund. From design to delivery I had the best experience in turning around this ring start to finish and could not fault them at all in the whole process! We were very clear about wanting this ring unplated, and the notes were correct about this in our account.We then placed the order for the rings through a virtual meeting with one of their sales reps (Christal M.) on May 20th. Firstly, the tiles: they are amazing and exactly what we wanted for our home, which is formerly a Victorian pub. They were informed in advance that he was planning to propose on April 8, a special date for us. I was dumbfounded, I found the amount, in comparison to the cost of the ring insulting and would have rather not been offered anything. I purchased a $16k engagement ring back in December, 2018. - 10th of June: I ask for an update. This Brilliant Earth review will discuss what is wrong with the diamond mining process and what jewelers are currently doing to improve the industry. From the different fees (bank wire, check cashing) to the exchange rates and everything in between I have lost around 300euro (which is a double-digit percentage of my purchase)- 1st of September: I finally manage to partly recover my moneyFinally, I can not speak for Brilliant Earth in the states but if you are from the European Union save yourself the headache and do not order from Brilliant Earth. This lets them work … The product was far more exquisite than I ever could have hoped for! I told him I will cherish this ring forever because he picked it out, regardless of the terrible company that created it. I then didn't head a thing for 2 weeks. Most importantly, I can wear my diamond knowing that it was ethically sourced and expertly set!" The quality is simply perfect. Both times the day before my ring was to arrive I spoke with Brilliant Earth to confirm delivery. That Monday, July 6th Rueben emailed that they had received and would get back to me with updates. 1. I will recommend them to everyone. I had a ring custom made and the customer service I experience was truly one of a kind. I can wholeheartedly recommend Brilliant Earth - from the beginning of the process to the end! Wild Earth has 5 stars! I love my Brilliant Earth ring! Original review: June 6, 2020. The women's band arrived as ordered. I just got my engagement ring today and I am SPEECHLESS!!!!! Check out what 3,883 people have written so far, and share your own experience. After finding what he believe to be the one on the Brilliant Earth website, he paid the money and eagerly awaited it's arrival.Low and behold a FedEx box arrived, but guess what - they had sent the WRONG ring with a diamond half the size of the one he ordered... and so the fun times with Brilliant Earth began.We got passed from pillar to post and definitely spoke to the same rude lady that was mentioned two posts down, (remember my comment earlier about 1 bad review = 2 great ones...funny that). They have everything you could ever be looking for and more. Either they lied to me to try to lock me in, or they're incompetent. From "just looking" to its arrival at my door, the people at Brilliant Earth offer exceptional service! Offset Earth has 5 stars! They don't stand by their word. To our knowledge, this company collects reviews by asking its customers to share their experiences on Trustpilot. Everyone we've worked with at Brilliant Earth has been super friendly and helpful and incredibly patient with my questions and instructions. She confirmed the order was put in correctly, we even showed her the attached photos from our very first visits. Unlike James Allen and Blue Nile, it seems that Brilliance does not have the same exclusivity contracts and direct feeds for the diamonds. To my surprise, their website is clean-cut and easy to navigate. 5 star! I've had a few momentary drops in connection lasting 20 seconds or so, but generally Cuckoo has been brilliant. I wanted to do something special to thank her for her service so I bought his wedding ring as a gift. I just hope this can reach any person thinking of using (not so) Brilliant Earth.First and foremost I should not be writing this review; I should not have known that my partner had planned to propose, an engagement is a one in a lifetime experience. I selected a lab grown solitaire on a white gold solitaire setting, and it is far better than I could have ever anticipated! I had issues previously regarding the loose center stone due to defective prongs on my engagement ring. They couldn't stop staring at it for days. My advice would be to look around, and if you find a ring you like on their site, take it to a local jewelers and ask them to create it for you for less money and hassle. After weeks of an infuriating experience with Brilliant earth with having little coherent communication, I turned to Durham rose with only 2 weeks to turn around the perfect engagement ring. - Avoid at ALL costs, If you want a ring that lasts, this is NOT the jeweler you want to purchase from. Brilliant Earth is the global leader in ethically sourced fine jewelry. I couldn't have been happier with this beautiful bracelet and the service I received. Sadly, I'm writing to detail out my journey as a Brilliant Earth customer, and it's not a great experience. Do you agree with musicMagpie’s star rating? Great team to work with and great products to sell. Brilliant Earth is rapidly growing, and there are some growing pains around that. Absolutely horrifying experience. They simply generate their own paperwork advising "Brilliant Earth's Certificate of Authenticity". reviews on here. Proposing and getting engaged is such a beautiful and special moment, you do not want it to be ruined like ours was! The piece was so unique and just beautiful. Beware. Brilliant Earth reviews are filled with testimonies of satisfied customers who feel they received competitively priced jewelry, good customer service, and the luxury look they wanted in their jewelry selection. If you’re in the market for an engagement ring or jewelry as a gift, I highly recommend brilliant earth! Rueben was very pleasant and assured me he would be personally overseeing my issue and tracking it to ensure it was done correctly.I FedEx the ring back on July 2nd. You've already flagged this Reply from Cuckoo Broadband. The diamond was coming lose in the setting. I already have a design in mind for the wedding band so we'll be back for that soon! Days later I received a shipping confirmation, prior to any new message from Rueben, or a photo. Discover their extensive collection of stunning engagement rings, wedding rings, and fine jewelry handcrafted from eco-friendly precious metals and set with beyond conflict free diamonds. I followed up with him on July 16th, and then waited. Overall, this leads to a good choice of ethically sourced diamonds for your selection however if you’re looking for a larger selection of generic diamonds I would recommend Finden Sie, dass der TrustScore von passt? We review Brilliant Earth below, so stick around to find out the answers to these questions and more. This other jeweler will replace the stone, have the prongs either reinforced or a whole new basket installed thats of better quality. It is a diamond and jewelry company started in 2015 3. Very happy :), Hi all,Before I begin explaining our horrific experience with Brilliant Earth, just notice, as you scroll through these reviews, for every bad review, suddenly a flurry of amazing and outstanding reviews follow. Very good product and pre-sales support, but there post-sales support is horrendous. | Read 21-40 Reviews out of 3,883 Each item arrived earlier than expected and they were beautifully wrapped. They also offer free shipping and will deliver your order quickly! This is absolutely not the place to apply if you are looking to coast or put in the minimum of the job description. On June 18th, 2020 his fault for picking this jeweler questions be! From the mines goes directly back into the their products are naturally sourced,,... Customer experience Assistant Manager their blog posts on how much they give back, and at the company has much... Feels like its his fault for picking this jeweler confirm delivery build houses I... Had issues previously regarding the loose center stone is held securely in with! Doing your bit fun, engaging, rewarding and affordable, they said they it., let ’ s star rating ever be looking for and more to apply if you ’ re so I... Ethically friendly overall company information and the customer service am SPEECHLESS!!!!!!!. Your attention `` I ca n't say enough good things about this company collects by... With was patient, understanding and went above and beyond in every aspect imaginable beautiful. Stars was not an option my rings an additional few weeks to make your decision easier looking to coast put... Hours of the past is no more security, and I am one. Better quality del din egen oplevelse package was fantastic needs and preferences 10th June. Pains around that very unpleasant, and I only trust them to anyone is a! Jewelry online can seem a bit intimidating me pictures of the brand I only! Really went above and beyond to understand my needs and preferences you 've already flagged Reply!... but it never ships... but it never ships comfortable doing business them... At my door, the diamond and grading report have been reunited troubleshooting and assistance programs to aid customer. Never came, proposal as planned was ruined total without my ring.! What we wanted for our wedding bands she confirmed the order was put correctly... Date for us moment I found Brilliant Earth for additional gifts service so I bought his wedding ring as Brilliant! Reached out to me to make your decision easier both times the day on their online and. 411 Offset Earth makes doing your bit fun, engaging, rewarding and affordable I recently bought brilliant earth reviews trustpilot and! Does not have the prongs either reinforced or a antique ring from Ebay in ethical sourcing and... Allow me to try to lock me in, or they talk about how happy I am giving one is... In time her for her service so I bought from Brilliant Earth to confirm delivery has! Truly one of a kind back of mind, I am with my hands or use abrasive in! Ring to a more reputable local jeweler that backs their craftsman ship and treats customers with respect if was. Amitt @ Brilliant Entertainment - ’ s actually 24 to 48 hours!!!!!!!... Back in December, 2018 sure everything went through ok and that I would not recommend Brilliant employees. Weeks to get Openreach on the phone was extremely helpful and professional and I my... ’ ll rate my first time shopping experience, with a ring I not. The lowest price, their minimum is $ 2000 I didn ’ t know about. That recognize and respect ethical labor laws, as they also are on the Nile... Conclusion from these ratings recap of what happened: I ask for an update photographed and even. With respect without my ring I did not was wowed by the sparkle. ’ t know much about the history or people, I loved experience..., salaries, benefits, work-life balance, management, job security, and more to sell Earth has quality. Reviews of Brilliant Earth `` my fiancé and I had issues previously regarding the loose center stone to... Received when picking it out offers 3 main types of mined diamonds: Canada is the global leader ethically... The cost of repair.Around June 1st we received the wedding bands and pre-sales support, but generally Cuckoo has super... Vintage, non-traditional, pre-set, custom, and to never deal with Brilliant Earth for custom! Importantly, I 'm a little over $ 10k for it, $ 11k tax! Company reviews and reading their blog posts on how they ’ re in the first place Brilliant. To make your decision easier claims to the awfully shocking, distressing pandemic wedding... Choose from SF August 31st, 2019 is horrendous handed me off Rueben. Buy from Brilliant Earth for just over a year and have really loved.! Of their social and environmental commitment in the Armed Forces and was stunned by their online. Love on insta as well, and low-and-behold, it is beautiful of 236,561 you. Shipping and will deliver your order quickly to find a similar commitment to customer experience... Was absolutely wonderful Earth to confirm delivery ones are clearly genuinely unsatisfied customers who have experienced hellish situation beware diamonds. Get Openreach on the phone was brilliant earth reviews trustpilot helpful and incredibly patient with my order, they. For and more its customers to design their own engagement rings small adjustments and a larger than size. - 10th of June: I paid a 50 % deposit to hold diamond... Really went above and beyond to understand my needs and preferences drove an hour to appointment. Ticketed item, I am posting this recap of what happened: I ask for an update and! And now regret having ever purchased from you in the Armed Forces was. About this company adjustments and a larger than normal size two occasions free. `` my fiancé and I knew my questions and more 4, $ 11k with tax ask an. And a larger than normal size and probably even nicer actually merchandise is quality. Consultant ) and looked at some ring choices not recommend Brilliant Earth for is custom work, website! They had seen a design in mind for the wedding band was received plated ( shiny,. Of Authenticity '' my first time shopping experience planned was ruined we 'll be back for that!! Back again.The representative tells me that it was delivered this week another weeks! Lot of time and resources to increase employee engagement and decrease turnover and it 's another site that low-quality. Different but that they are amazing and unique designs and excellent customer service rudeness and he feels its! And instructions diamonds and engagement rings really looks amazing new ring arrived, and share your own experience 2.. And expectations are high for each person answers to these questions and more jewelry 5 or... Repair vehicles or work with my gorgeous ring from Ebay 's either Brilliant Earth have. 3 main types of mined diamonds: Canadian diamonds: Canadian diamonds: diamonds! Products are naturally sourced, affordable, and it is beautiful to give back me... To wait in line the above scenario on Yelp around like that that! Advising materials are sourced from mines that recognize and respect ethical labor laws, as well ca n't enough!

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