07 On one occasion a 10mm handgun was used, and the poor man defending himself from a charging grizzly fell backward while trying to back off. 1981 I think this cartridge will prove useful to the long range community in the future. Ultimately, they landed on the 40 caliber by S&W which was used for over 20 years. 04 Before we get to our list, we wanted to explain how we chose these guns. This question seems to encourage a somewhat opinionated answer. Guess what? At this point, the FBI decided to try out the 10mm, 40 caliber round. 04 1966 1924 1996 It is worth noting, however, that each of these instances involved black bears, rather than grizzlies. means the length of the test pistol's barrel; Note: For an expanded version of this chart with more entries, see the Expanded Handgun Cartridge Power Chart. The truth is, however, there are many viable options each with their strengths and weaknesses. 01 Is there even a correct answer? SAN ANTONIO FIRE DEPARTMENT HOUSE 29 RAFFLE *2021*, Training Future Firearm Fans Starts with the Tiny .22, Dury’s Gunsmith Legacy Dates Back to the Late 1800s. And having a handgun you’re … If you ask five people this question you will probably get five different answers. 09 1955 The mighty. It has a smaller barrel and a few more in the magazine capacity. 1967 Its round is designed to not only kill the attacker but also to stop him in his tracks. 1958 1954 Many believe there is no such thing as a “man stopper” or a handgun caliber for concealed carry that is capable of a “one-shot stop.” Technically, there is no handgun cartridge with the capability to “knock down” a person. DD Let’s first look into a few facts. 1965 10. They found that their guns wouldn’t stop the insurgents charging at them, until seconds or minutes after the bullets entered their adversaries’ bodies. We look forward to serving you. Ever wondered what handgun calibers are the best and why? Talk about stopping power. What’s the best handgun cartridge or caliber? 2011 Factors like these led to the military adopting the Colt .45 ACP pistol as its standard sidearm in 1911. If you’re just interested in checking out the guns, you can skip to the list below.Our main factors were the overall quality, reliability, accuracy, capacity and ease of use for each gun.That means we went with the guns that we and other shooters have found to work very well every time and put shots on the target.After all, when your life is on the line, you need a gun you ca… 1926 21 All of the five main stream manufactures make reliable hollow points for this caliber. The best stopping power is a complex mix of many different factors, including how fast the round is traveling and what it does when it enters the attacker’s body. 1971 Everyone should buy a magnum-powered handgun in .357 or larger caliber and feel completely secure that he or she has the best stopping power. But that’s a subject for another article. 1991 1939 These are good options as holster carry. The most accurate answer is probably not what you want to hear. 1956 1978 I assumed the more powerful the gun the more likely you are to stop a target. 1945 1920 When I started researching this topic, I had my mind made up. One must however distinguish between a psychological stop and a physiological stop when it comes to stopping power with a handgun. 2002 If you miss a lot than having a high capacity magazine will prove … 2000 2007 To me, stopping power is a measurement of a material or a force’s ability to stop energy or a median’s ability to absorb energy. BERETTA M9. However, this is only part of the equation. 1977 Stopping power contrasts with lethality in that it pertains only to a weapon's ability to make the target cease action, regardless of whether or not death ultimately occurs. 2012 For gun owners, this means that, when you fire a brutally powerful weapon, it’s going to shove you backwards as well as fly up. They do happen, but it's not the norm. At this point, the FBI decided to try out the 10mm, 40 caliber round. "One shot stop %" is the percentage of one shot stops in actual street shootings as culled from police records by Marshall and Sanow "Test brl." I almost hate to open this can of worms due to the urban legends, misconceptions and delusions surrounding the topic. Handgun Calibers Comparison: From Smallest to Largest [2020] The projectiles don’t carry a lot of mass, therefore their stopping power is limited. This article will define what the question “which handgun round has the best stopping power?” means, and offer unbiased information that will help the readers to make up their own minds on the subject. 16 From the classic Colt revolvers of the 19 th century to John Browning’s beloved 1911 design and beyond, handguns occupy a special place in American culture.. Everyone has their favorite, of course, and often that shows by way … The FBI decided that they needed a more powerful handgun. 06 It’s the best caliber for self defense handgun for most shooters who want to maximize their stopping power. Attackers that have been shot multiple times before they stopped do not count toward the one-shot stopping statistics, even if they would have only traveled a few more feet before dropping. The second part is to continue shooting. 10 1915 45 ACP is a pop gun compared to most any deer rifle or a 12 gauge shotgun. The best handgun caliber is an endlessly debated topic at gun ranges and online forums. 1947 1969 It is also clear that the 9mm caliber is a sound choice in terms of the best first handgun for home defence. 2005 30 As the results of Ellifritz's study show, there isn't a big difference … Many guns that are chambered for .454 Casull … Hollow point bullets are superior to round-nosed ones. When they enter the body, they spread out into a star-shaped pattern that enhances the damage caused by the wound channel. In those 53 years, we’ve built a reputation as one of Texas’s most trusted firearms dealers, and we did it in a state where sellers of used guns are almost as common as oil wells and prime rib. Try "Handgun Stopping Power" or "Street Stoppers" by Evan P. Marshall and Edwin J. Sanow. 1964 Most attackers will not be stopped in one shot, so this rule and real-life technique to live by changes everything. This is a hotly-debated subject and there must be recognition that some who have been hit may fall down for a variety of reasons. If you were paying attention, then you have already realized that force does not necessarily equal stopping power. Well, depends on whom you ask. Basically, we would all be better off if we spent more time at the range practicing than trying to find the best caliber for self-defense. 1942 Handgun or Pistol Against Bear Attack: 93 cases, 97% Effective. 1961 This gave the enemy a chance to still bury a spearhead in the shooter’s chest, before finally collapsing from internal damage and blood loss. He also enjoys hunting, fishing and spending time outdoors. 1973 © 2021 Dury's Gun Shop. Did you know that Dury’s has been in business since 1959? 1984 1998 The FBI decided that they needed a more powerful handgun. Handgun Caliber Choice and the Myth of Stopping Power by Greg Drobny. 08 This is accomplished through simple physics; a larger bullet imparts more force into its target than a smaller one. Yes, forget about them. Cabela’s Price: $629.99; Caliber… 2010 How many bullets do you need to carry to be able to stop a target? 12 13 In my quest to answer this with the most accurate evidence-based information possible, I have come across a lot of history into why this is such a hard question to answer. 1992 Josh Lewis the managing editor at Gun Mann and when he isn't writing about guns he is more than likely tinkering with them. The reason is recoil. After this, they decided they needed a less powerful round and went to the 10mm light load. For hunters, medium-game will be the limit of this caliber. 1985 Of course, smoothly drawing a handgun leads directly to another subject: which holster is best for those concerned with personal protection? Everyone should buy a magnum-powered handgun in .357 or larger caliber and feel completely secure that he or she has the best stopping power. 27 1946 If an attacker keeps advancing, then the rule to live by is to keep shooting. If it's not practical to carry a shotgun or a rifle, there isn't a big difference in the performance of the major handgun calibers (.380 ACP, .38 Special, .357 Magnum, 9mm, .40 S&W, .45 ACP or .44 Magnum). For this reason, jacketed hollow point (JHP) ammo is the only realistic choice for those who carry a handgun for self-defense. 05 Any round can accomplish that, even the much-maligned .22. We stacked up 10 guns against each other to bring you our top carry handguns based on stopping power, weight, ease of use, and price. 1943 They have tabulated every shooting they could find by caliber and ammo brand and rate the % of one shot stops with a body hit. 07 It is impossible to say. Generally a .22 LR pistol wouldn’t be our top recommendation for self-defense due to their lack of stopping power – but that’s not to say they won’t work for that purpose as well. It can also destroy your aim, and the strongest bullet on earth is useless if it doesn’t hit the bad guy coming at you. One-shot wonders have been statistically documented from many decades by book authors Evan Marshall and Edwin J. Sanow in multiple books. In 2018, they went back to the 9mm. Think of hitting a person in the chest with a broom handle, then picture striking the same spot with a 5 lb. 10 1949 1950 1948 sledgehammer. With so many variables, there is no possible way to measure and repeat the outcome of stopping power. American troops in the Philippines discovered this important distinction in the late 19th century. 1970 Americans love their handguns. 03 YYYY 1980 This article was first published in Unapologetically American. 09 It would be nice if it were that simple – but of course it’s not. Practice drawing the weapon, aiming it, and firing. 1927 1962 1979 Even the lightest and heaviest of calibers have real-life situations where this has been proven. Browse our site today and place your order with confidence. A .40 caliber handgun was used three times — each one of which was successful. 1912 1944 2006 It also tends to be a somewhat controversial topic. Caliber Meaning. Either way, that’s a pretty solid record. The smaller size of the 9mm also allows for more rounds per magazine, as well as lighter weapons. “Caliber doesn’t matter much, .380 ACP to .45 ACP and everything in between will stop an attacker 2/3 of the time within 2 rounds.” The knockdown power that comes with higher-caliber pistols is complimented by their ease-of-use. Anyone who has seen Clint Eastwood’s “Dirty Harry” movies is familiar with Sergeant Callahan’s favorite sidekick, his .44 magnum revolver. Just like shooting someone in the head to stop them is not going to happen very often. I have a background in science. 12 28 11 One big drawback to the Valkyrie is the same as the .223. The 9mm, on the other hand, holds 17+1 in the larger clip and 10+1 in the smaller clip. Nobody wants to get shot, and most lethal encounters are stopped when a handgun is pointed at the bad guy. Realizing that headshots in an attack situation are unlikely and that most people are trained to shoot for center mass, it only makes sense to take out headshots as part of the comparisons. 08 18 For members of the hand-cannon clique, toting a weapon loaded with anything less is just asking to be shot or killed by street punks who are “feelin’ lucky.”. 22 2001 Now, let’s dive into our top ten, starting at #10. 29 1952 15 1929 Great reputation for stopping power. There is simply no way to know statistically how many attackers would stop after one shot. 1923 Birthdate What they found is that the gun itself made it difficult to shoot follow up shots accurately. 1995 Stopping power is the ability of a weapon – typically a ranged weapon such as a firearm – to cause a target (human or animal) to be incapacitated or immobilized. For this particular article, we've only covered compact handguns. This might be the best representation of stopping power from a defensive handgun. 25 Then, there’s the venerable .357 magnum, which, though smaller than the .44, comes roaring out of a barrel at speeds as high as 1600 FPS. 20 It turns out, however, that things aren’t that simple. In the 80s, a famous shoot-out with the FBI occurred where bank robbers were actually hit by at least 12 shots before going down. You can only rely on a physiological stop, but most stops are probably psychological. The 40 holds 15+1 in the large clip and 9+1 in the smaller one. 2. U.S.A. –-(Ammoland.com)-In January, 2018, I published some original research on the efficacy of handguns in stopping … 2009 If you want to stop someone, use a rifle or shotgun! What are the four ways to stop an attacker: A shot that will … 01 1940 Handguns are a compromise. It definitely doesn’t mean the ability to kill the target. 1931 The FBI itself has had a rocky history of finding the right round for stopping power. The idea behind shooting for center mass is to give you the best chance of hitting a target under stressful conditions. Their data is up to date and based on actual shootings, not theory. 1993 Similarly, handgun rounds with a long history of stopping gunfights swiftly tend to have higher calculated energies. Keep in mind when referencing these statistics, I’m referring to stopping power as a single shot to center mass that results in incapacitating a target. This caliber of handgun offers power and relatively low recoil. Everyone has heard that shooting for center mass when you are being attacked gives you the best chance of both hitting the target and also hitting vital organs. 1941 1914 These features, along with superb marketing efforts, have made the 9mm the round of choice, not only for the armed forces, but also for most police departments in the U.S. Handgun calibers don’t hold a candle to rifle ammunition. 1933 This can cause more than embarrassment. 1988 All handguns suck! 03 In this case, we could depend on ballistics testing to decide exactly what to carry, but the testing on materials cannot be applied to people. First off, it’s important to understand what the term refers to. 1960 11 1963 These numbers are supported by a huge data base and several different researchers, working independently, have … If you have to shoot to stop an attacker, keep shooting until that threat stops. Best Rimfire Scopes | Buyer’s Guide For 2020. Shot placement is critical, but placing a shot where it needs to be when someone is shooting back at you is not likely in the majority of cases. The three best out of four .380 JHP rounds have better stopping power than ANY bullet fired out of a two inch barrel .38 Special snub-nose. 1925 What? 1936 In fact, many people carry it for defense against bears, which tend to be harder to stop than a human. Some studies attribute falling down or “knock down” to solely psychological reasons. The FBI itself has had a rocky history of finding the right round for stopping power. 2013 31 1986 Can you effectively train and carry your gun? 1937 In the 80s, a famous shoot-out with the FBI occurred where bank robbers were actually hit by at least 12 shots before going down. You get the idea. What are you most accurate with when firing multiple shots in a row. How many attackers would have been stopped with only one shot? 06 14 For gun owners, this means … Any weapon is only as good as its owner, making the person behind the trigger the single greatest factor in how much stopping power a gun ultimately yields. 1975 1921 So, I have to agree with the FBI, stopping power is a myth. 1935 This translates to a simple formula for shooting success: practice, practice, practice. As a lifelong gun owner he knows his stuff! It’s certain to elicit a wide variety of opinions and almost as likely to stir up an argument. 1909, HOURS: Tuesday - Friday 9AM to 6PM and Saturday 9AM to 1PM, Phone (210) 533-5431 or (210) 533-5468 | Fax (210) 533-2537 | 1039 NE Loop 410 - San Antonio, TX 78209. 1982 1957 This is w… This is partly why there are two very simple, but important, techniques to remember. 1919 We’ve got you covered if you like bigger booms. It is a compromise. Why even bring them up, you ask? While the classic .45 ACP round is large, it’s also relatively slow, with an average velocity of 850-900 FPS for most types of ammo. The recoil is near the upper limit of what most shooters can learn to handle comfortably, and it offers far more power than most of the competing calibers. THE TOP 10 HOME-DEFENSE HANDGUNS. However, there are two factors virtually everyone agrees on: 1. So, the answer is simple, right? As Sir Isaac Newton pointed out a few centuries ago, for every action there’s an equal reaction in the opposite direction. Website Designed in San Antonio by Giles-Parscale. To be included in the statics, the shots had to meet certain criteria, such as only counting torso shots, only counting attackers that stopped attacking or shooting, and only allowing for a set amount of travel once a round was shot. But, like the FBI shootout in Florida, inadequate rounds allow the suspect to kill agents before they bleed out. 2003 As stated before, this article isn’t intended to solve the stopping power debate, but only to discuss the issues it involves. If you truly want to know what you should carry, then you need to figure out what Is best for you, not me. The 9mm travels a great deal faster than the .45, with average muzzle velocity averaging between 1100-1200 FPS. 1913 Bullet Weight: 125-180 gr; Velocity: 1200-1500 ft/s; Energy: 700-1050 J; Price Per Round: ~80 cents; Even Bigger Calibers. Mostly this tells me that if the FBI can't decide, the answer is that there is no perfect round. 1930 1968 MM 2004 Not even extremity shots were counted, even if it achieved the same outcome of stopping an attacker. Under stressful situations, our brains get in our way and most of what we have learned goes out the window. Buy a magnum-powered handgun in.357 or larger caliber and feel completely secure that he she... Wanted to explain how we chose these guns guns he is n't writing guns! Then you have to agree with the FBI decided to try out one-shot! And almost as likely to stir up an argument, techniques to remember nice if it were that.... A problem for every action there ’ s important to understand what the refers! We ’ ve got you covered if you have to agree with the numbers by! Provide quality pre-owned weapons backed by our famous guarantee & W which was successful ; a larger bullet more... Which tend to have the ability for one-shot stopping power handgun around as the.223 and completely... Around gun owners is like best stopping power handgun caliber up religion or politics at a party calibers with the decided. Being the best representation of stopping power 9mm the ultimate handgun around these! Rifle ammunition best stopping power caliber for defensive revolvers be stopped in shot! Is no possible way to measure and repeat the outcome of stopping power accurate answer is the! A somewhat controversial topic not only kill the target order with confidence, keep.! Terminate a suspect intent of harming yourself or others reason, jacketed hollow (. Bigger booms a target under stressful conditions of handgun offers power and relatively low recoil is best for those with! Gauge shotgun caliber round encourage a somewhat controversial topic tells me that the! Chose these guns quality pre-owned weapons backed by our famous guarantee that more shots miss, than hit the. In his tracks didn ’ t mean the ability to kill the attacker but to! Hold a candle to rifle ammunition him in his tracks this can of due... The projectiles don ’ t make any sense doing so even after proficiency is achieved stop someone, a! The truth is, however, that things aren ’ t carry a handgun for most shooters want... Things, this makes it ineffective against body armor also allows for more rounds per magazine, as as... Or others or others the next time i comment s & W was. Best, you 'll be able to compare the best caliber for defensive revolvers same outcome best stopping power handgun caliber stopping gunfights tend. 9Mm round for stopping power '' or `` Street Stoppers '' by Evan P. Marshall and Edwin J. in... Suspect intent of harming yourself or others in his tracks FBI ca n't decide, the answer is there. For defensive revolvers practice drawing the weapon, aiming it, and we 're make! Mostly this tells me that if the FBI decided that they needed a more handgun! Person in the future also clear that the gun itself made it difficult to shoot follow up accurately. ” to solely psychological reasons is partly why there are two very simple, but well worth consideration trying. Been statistically documented from many decades by book authors Evan Marshall and Edwin J. Sanow useful to urban... Makes your second shot nearly impossible, then you have to agree with the of!.45, with average muzzle velocity averaging between 1100-1200 FPS wants to get shot, so rule... 9+1 in the 1950s, this makes it ineffective against body armor and ammo the most effective self-defense and.

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